Sim city Edit

Gain $10,000 While playing, use Grafitti to type fund

Glitches Bulldoze water

Water cannot normally be bulldozed, except fringes, but it can be turned into land. Smother it with road, forming intersections, and beneath will be considered land. Bulldoze the road and land will appear. Note that for water>land, road has to be on all four sides and above the water. This means at edges of the map, water can't be removed.

It's easiest to add roads in columns/rows, or roads may not connect and you must bulldoze and retry. It is advisable to do this with the game at pause speed, or bridges may form that may become irremovable.

Unlockables category level

build lots and lots of residence area and reach the population density up to the specific category level Unlockable How to Unlock capital category population up to 50,000 metropolis category population up to 100,000 town category population up to 2,000

Sim city 2000Edit

CASS Gain $400

UDDAMUS $500,000 dollars&nbsp

IMACHEAT $500,000 dollars

FUND Issues a 25% bond

MRSOLEARY Starts a fire

NOAH Starts a flood

SODOM Starts a fire storm

GOMORRAH Nuclear meltdown

MOSES Stops a flood

JOKE Weird picture

GILMARTIN Get an Army Base

DAMN Residential areas rezoned to churches

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